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A woman must have the consent of her husband to leave Iran or, in his absence, consent from another suitable authority.A husband may provide blanket permission when his wife receives her Iranian passport or require her to obtain permission for each trip abroad.Codes of Behavior and Dress: Islamic law is strictly enforced in Iran. Women must wear a headscarf and a long jacket that covers the arms and upper legs while in public.Men may be required to wear long pants and cannot go bare-chested or wear tank tops, especially near religious sites or in conservative areas.English speakers, however, are generally unavailable. This requirement includes Iranian-Americans, even those born in the United States. You may also be prevented from re-entering the country.Young men who have turned 17 years of age will not be allowed to leave Iran without completing their military service. The Iranian government has seized the passports and blocked the departure of foreigners who work in Iran on tax/commercial disputes.

The Foreign Interests Section provides limited consular services to U. citizens in Tehran including: Before traveling to Iran, please consider the current Travel Warning. passports are confiscated may also obtain a “Recommendation Letter” from the Foreign Interests Section of the Embassy of Switzerland, the U. The Swiss Embassy can issue this statement only after the traveler's U. nationality is confirmed, which may take some time.

There may be additional dress requirements at certain religious sites.

Consult a guide book on Iran to determine how to dress and behave properly and respectfully. dollars for rials, either at banks or with certified money changers but it is rarely possible to exchange traveler’s checks.

Any import and/or export of over 10,000 USD (or its equivalent in other foreign currencies) must be declared by submitting the relevant bank notice or any other document which proves that the amount was withdrawn from a foreign currency account or the sale of foreign currency. OFAC regulations provide general licenses authorizing the performance of certain categories of transactions.

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Communication: Pre-paid overseas calling cards are available at most newsagents. There are Internet cafes in most hotels; however, usage may be monitored. government economic sanctions prohibit most economic activity between U. Such general licenses include, but are not limited to, the following: All transactions ordinarily incident to travel to or from Iran, including baggage costs, living expenses, and the acquisition of goods or services for personal use are permitted.Permits will be refused if the HIV test is positive. citizens who travel to Iran despite the Travel Warning should exercise caution throughout the country, but especially in the southeastern region where Westerners have been victims of criminal gangs often involved in the smuggling of drugs and other contraband. Travelers should take the following precautions: pages for information on scams. As noted in the Department of State’s 2015 edition of the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, some nongovernmental shelters and hotlines assisted victims during the year, but such services were virtually nonexistent outside major cities. It has been reported that upon some claimants' entry into Iran, Iranian authorities have questioned them as to the status of payment of their respective awards with a view to recouping the award money.

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