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02-Jul-2017 05:13

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It really is a great device that understands a bunch of commands, but it works a little too well.

When you leave PSVR — if you can ever bring yourself to play regular games again — the microphone on the camera stays on.

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Several noted actors including Susan Sarandon, Brad Dourif, Carrie Fisher, Michael Madsen, Lena Headey and Chloë Grace Moretz provided voice work for the game.

Say you jump into a game of Battlefield 1 right after enjoying PSVR — your squadmates don't need to hear you talking to your significant other or children, and they especially don't want to hear your cursing after every time you're killed.

"But he seems like he's having fun, and it doesn't bother him, and I feel like it's given him an opportunity to be himself more. He just seems to be looser, doesn't mind talking to people or doing things, whether it's backflips or jokes or whatever." Patrick, a star already used to the spotlight, had conversations with Stenhouse on what to expect and how to handle the newfound fame. She can definitely help out with that because she has experienced a lot of it," Stenhouse said, adding the media "don't get to me and it doesn't bother me what you say.… continue reading »

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If you'd like to talk more about PSVR, head over to your forums — the community is friendly, knowledgeable, and waiting to say Hi!… continue reading »

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Not all the time, obviously, just at certain times... I have literally no idea what causes it, but all I can think about is, um, you know, imagining myself having sex. But I wish so much it was real, I'm so horny it's insane. … continue reading »

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You can engage in text-only conversations or chat with people over video as well.… continue reading »

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And more than likely, you have a favorite social media app you like to use to creep on your girlfriend, boyfriend, hookup buddy or crush. Don't get me wrong, I admit it: I used to be a social media creep myself in previous casual dating situations. It's a Thursday night; you had to stay in because of your 8am work shift (fuck you, right?… continue reading »

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